1. The camping area of ​​the OCTUPUSFESTIVAL 2022 festival is a place of coexistence and rest. From the organization we work so that all the services work correctly for your comfort and the good development of the area.

2. We ask for your patience, collaboration and reports on the problems you encounter. We also ask you to participate in the proper development of the camping area, complying with the general rules of camping that we discuss here:

3. The minimum age for entry to the camping area is 18 years, at the entrance of the camping area is required to provide the ID or similar document.

4. In the area designated for camping, the use of individual tents will be prohibited. The minimum allowed per store will be 2 people.

5. The use of tents of greater capacity than the number of occupants of the same is not allowed. For example, you can not set up a tent for 6/8 people and only be used by 2/4 people.

6. Attendees must follow the instructions of the staff to occupy the space of the camping area. The Parcels will be designated when entering the camping area, these are 25 square meters for 6 people each plot.

7. It is only possible to camp with tents, being totally prohibited the access of any vehicle.

8. “Arbors”, awnings, tarpaulins, tents or other elements that suppose a horizontal or vertical extension to the space of the tent can not be mounted.

9. You can access with chairs and a small table, always occupying the space that the staff of the organization will define when you arrive.

10. Although the camping area already has shadows, you can take your own awning but you can only place it if that area does not have it, (YOU CAN NOT ACCESS WITH SOMBRILLAS), and always fulfilling the orders of the staff of the organization and respecting the evacuation corridors, the emergency exits and / or access to the plots. Failure to comply with this point will be grounds for expulsion.

11. The reservation of space for possible friends who will arrive at another time will not be allowed.

12. Failure to comply with these points will be grounds for expulsion and in no case will the amount of the ticket be refunded.

13. Each store can only occupy the space marked by the personnel of the organization and not another, being expressly prohibited to settle in the corridors of evacuation and / or access to the plots. Failure to comply with this point will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the camping area and the event.

14. The main and secondary roads, the perimeter road and the emergency exits must be completely clear for the passage of people and vehicles. Failure to comply with this point will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the camping area and the event.

15. Anyone who agrees to the camping is obliged to respect the coexistence and not to disturb the rest of the others. The Organization reserves the right to expel anyone who carries out annoying, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illicit activities.

16. Use the waste bins and garbage collection points to deposit your waste.

17. The organization will keep all common areas clean during the event. It will be the responsibility of each user to maintain their space in the camping area in hygiene and sanitary conditions (read their tent as well as the space attached to it). Failure to comply with this point will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the camping area and the event.

18. The camping area will be occupied in order of arrival until the capacity is completed and in an organized manner according to the indications of the personnel of the organization.

19. In the organization booths of the camping, in its main façade, and in the entrance of the enclosure there are plans with the evacuation routes, situation of emergency doors, situation of the concentration points in case of emergency and situation of safe outdoor spaces. This information will also be public on the web.

20. In the camping area is allowed the entry of food and water in closed bottles (unlimited amount of water bottles, per person or group). The entry of alcohol is prohibited.

21. The camping area will have toilets and showers.

22. The entry of animals, glass, cans, metal elements, hammers, open bottles and utensils that can be considered dangerous by the organization is totally prohibited. Previous registration at the entrance to the camping area.

23. It is strictly forbidden to make a fire and the use of “camping gas” in the camping area for safety reasons and in order to avoid any type of accident among the campers. Failure to comply with this section will be grounds for expulsion.

24. We recommend using the slogan for valuable objects. For your peace of mind and security of your belongings deposit cash, cash or valuables in this space.

Organization is not responsible for theft, theft or damage to the belongings that campers may suffer

25. The camping area will have lockers / storage and mobile recharge.

26. Any type of unauthorized sale is prohibited inside the camping area

27. Anyone who does not act in accordance with the norms of normal coexistence will be automatically expelled from the camping area and will be denied access to the rest of the event areas.

28. The opening hours of the camp will be from from july 8, 09:00 a.m. to July 11, 6:00 p.m., 2022

29. The public may be subject to a search at the entrance of the premises in order to prevent the entry of unauthorized objects and narcotic substances.

30. The holder of this ticket accepts to be registered, following the guidelines of the Law of Public Shows and Security